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Clockwork Twenty2

I’ve had my eye on Clockwork Motorcycles of Montreal since the last Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Their motorcycles are complex, yet minimal. Creative, yet not overdone. Gorgeous, never gaudy. Leaving no part of the bike untouched, their most recent build, a 1978 Honda CB750K had my name all over it. Matte black and dark wood? Yes please.


Curious to learn more about the Twenty2, I reached out to Samuel Guertin of Clockwork. In his words, this is how it all came together.

“The donor is a 1978 CB750K. It was a non-running bike, a project that everyones passed to the other since several years with no one brave enough to put it back to service. Just the fact that blue concrete screw was screwed in the engine head to hold the valve cover in place was enough to scare most. And with reason. The bike was in a poor shape and was worked on by some mysterious guys with questionable skills. But I think no motorcycles deserve to die because some idiot thought wood screws where ok to hold a camshaft. The engine was the biggest problem, but a complete rebuild was on the way. The engine was opened and everything was inspected or replaced. A Wiseco 836cc big bore kit was added. Since the head was damage, the guys over at J-precision ( a world known machine shop ) took care of the previous owner mistakes while cutting new valves seats, installing new guide and planning the surface. Once back home everything was put back together with new Super Flow valves, Bee-hive racing springs, heavy duty studs and a performance camshaft. Along with electronic ignition, high output coils, Keihin CR29 carbs and 2 into 2 less restrictive exhaust, that took care of bringing back the engine to life and adding a little more fun factor!”



“As for the aesthetic of the bike, the biggest customer’s request was it needed to be all black. Everything on the bike is a well thought combination of finish and textures: gloss, satin and matte black, even some raw blacked-out metal. As you know, I’m pretty intense about the lines on a bike. A project should look like every part is made to be together, not just a bunch of parts bolted on a bike. So first, the frame was shortened, modified, removed from excessive weights, then powdercoated. The front inverted forks came from a GSX-R1000. A custom aluminum front hub and top triple was machined, thanks to Devin at Cognito Moto for his awesome work. Hagon shocks with powdercoated springs took care of the back. As I like the balanced look of two identical wheels, I laced 18″ lightweight aluminum rims front and rear with stainless spokes and nipples. Dual front brake disks, calipers and master cylinder are also from the GSX-R1000, an almost overkill braking system for this bike.”


“I decided to keep the stock oil tank and play with the same lines and angles on other parts of the bike, like the tail light and the custom made left side cover, that has a blacked out raw metal finish along with the fuel tank cap. The stock fuel tank emblems were shaved of and painted matte black. Once the seat shape was designed, I sent it to the well know Ginger at New Church Moto to have it wrapped with leather. Leather wrapped grips, shifter lever and kick start handle was then made to finish the looks.”



“All of the electronics were redone with modern components: Motogadget M-unit, simple handlebar switch, key-less ignition and a digital gauge integrated to the top triple for a simple, minimalist cockpit. All other components are hidden in a custom made box under the seat. Overall, a minimalist look with subtile accents and colors. Add to that an upgraded engine with a modern handling and braking, that make a really awesome bike to ride. The kind of stuff to make the previous owners cry.” – Samuel

Clockwork Motorcycles Twenty2 Breakdown

  • 1978 Honda CB750K
  • Modified and powdercoated frame
  • Suzuki Gsx-r1000 front forks conversion
  • Gsx-r brake rotors, caliper, master cylinder and stainless steel braided lines
  • Machined aluminum front hub
  • Cognito Moto machined top triple with integrated Motogadget gauge
  • 18×2.75″ lightweight aluminium rims laced with stainless spokes and nipples
  • Rebuilt engine bored out to 836cc with Wiseco pistons and rings
  • Fully rebuilt and planned head with cnc cut valve seats
  • Keihin CR29 race carburetors
  • 4 into 2 exhaust system
  • Custom battery box
  • Keyless ignition
  • New wirring with Motogadget M-unit
  • Hagon rear shocks
  • Custom leather seat
  • Modified oil tank and hand made side cover
  • No parts left untouched…



Another gorgeous work of rolling art from Clockwork is getting ready to be delivered to its new home. Every bike is made to order, no two are alike. If you want one sitting in your garage, you’ll need to get on the waiting list which is looking roughly 6-8 months out.

Head on over to to checkout other builds. You can also follow them on Instagram @clockworkmotorcycles.


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