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72 Hours in Denver

I recently took a quick road trip to Denver with some friends to see a show. So I packed a small bag and grabbed my camera. Getting there was half the fun. Stopping to get gas and unhealthy snacks really gets my road trip mojo going. The best road sign I’ve seen in recent memory was just waiting there for us to stop and take a few photos. The best part of the sign which read, “Disposal of Human Waste Prohibited” was a plastic bottle filled with what looked like pee at the base of the sign.

We finally pulled into Denver sometime during the evening, grabbed some food and headed to a friends house to make camp. Since it’s relatively close to Albuquerque, where I’m from, I’ve been coming up here a lot over recent years. It always seems to be larger and have more traffic than the last time. We did a little exploring the next day after a great breakfast. Hitting up Wax Trax Records and some other places, we rounded out the night at an interesting little bar. The next day it snowed all day and didn’t stop. The show was great (except for the no camera policy). The snow was amazing and I managed to grab a few photos along the way.

The snow never stopped so we ended up staying an extra day. That was a blessing in disguise because we found this cool little museum that houses the collection of Vance Kirkland and it’s also full of great mid-century modern furniture and other amazing pieces. It’s always nice to go to a museum on a snow day.

The next day it was time to hit the road. Before we could set off, we had to jump start our car. It turns out sitting parked outside in 10 degree weather for three days is a bad thing for batteries. So that’s my 72 Hours in Denver experiences. It went by too quickly and I look forward to my next trip up there.

All the photos were taken with my Fuji X-T1. I never leave home without my little Fuji. It’s the camera I grab and throw in my bag or around my neck anytime I go anywhere. I was searching for a smaller system that I had the image quality I was used to with my full frame Nikon and I found it in the Fuji. The small size makes it easy to take out anywhere and just shoot. People don’t pay too much attention to it other than to complement it and ask what it is. Small file sizes aside, it produces amazing photographs and the lenses are stellar.

Words & Photographs by Nathaniel Paolinelli – Website / Instagram


An old farm truck outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Shot from the car.


Best road sign I’ve seen in recent memory.


View from a gas station in Raton, New Mexico.


The snow starts to fall.


Wax Trax


I always find the most interesting scenes alleys.


Obligatory flight of Denver craft beer.


Digging through the stacks.




When I saw this ramen tattoo I had to get a photo.


Good thing I had my camera in the bathroom.


It was cold!

Shooting through a window while I wait for a table.

Shooting through a window while I wait for a table.

B-Lum watching the snow.

B-Lum watching the snow.

My reflection in a Art Deco coffee maker. -Kirtland Museum

My reflection in a Art Deco coffee maker. -Kirtland Museum

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup dress. -Kirtland Museum

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup dress. -Kirtland Museum


Editor’s Note: We stumbled on to Nathaniel’s street photography on Instagram and reached out. We hope he shares more of his adventures with our readers. If you are on an adventure or have just completed one, let us know! We may be interested in sharing it! 

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