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TESTED: Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket

If you read my review of the Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet, you know how much I have enjoyed it as a business wallet, and noticed how I stuffed my iPhone 5 inside. I’m not going to take credit for the design of the new Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket ($99), but hey, they sure did listen. For the past two weeks I’ve been wrapping my paws around their latest offering, a slim, attractive solution for carrying your iPhone 6 on the bike, on a hike, down the turnpike, okay I ran out of rhymes.

Like other wallets in the Elements line, the Phone Pocket is, #1 made to function, #2 designed with the utmost attention to detail, #3 uses the best possible fabrics, and #4  is designed to last. It is currently available to fit either the iPhone 5 or 6, in Cognac (pictured), or Black. The construction is made from premium full-grain, vegetable tanned leathers that feel great in your hand, a YKK water-resistant zipper, and backed by their 3 Year Warranty.

Before I owned the Elements Travel Wallet, I had been carrying my phone and wallet as two separate items on the bike. Like most do. It works fine, but with 10 other items already stuffed in my jersey pockets, less is more. The Phone Pocket is designed around your phone, which means the Travel Wallet has now returned to my EDC backpack.


I’m not one of those guys that carries every membership card around with them on a daily basis. My everyday wallet is already slim. Typically, I carry 4 cards: my drivers license, credit card, Disneyland card and medical insurance card. The Phone Pocket has plenty of room for my needs with room to spare. I added a few hotel room card keys and a stack of business cards to illustrate how easy it carries. I also don’t tend to carry around a lot of cash these days, but there’s plenty of room for that as well. As a good number of my rides originate from the home, having a place for my house key is a nice touch. The only thing you won’t be able to stash inside the Phone Pocket is a car key. Unless you happen to have an older flat key, then you’re golden.


As you can see, the pocket is slim, but still allows plenty of room for everything you would need to carry around. My iPhone 6 tucks safely inside, easy to get to and out of harms way. I also tried stuffing my iPhone inside using several cases and found ultra-slim cases will fit. The Apple Silicone Case and Incipio Edge worked great. Your mileage will vary depending on the case you use.

We haven’t had much rain in SoCal lately, so in order to show you how well this baby does with moisture, I poured a gallon of recycled water over every inch of it with my iPhone inside. Across the top, back, and even along the zipper seams. More moisture than you will create across your back while pedaling. Not only did everything stay dry inside, the outside wicked the water away rather well and dried quickly. It is made of leather, so expect some of the moisture to be absorbed into it. Nothing to worry about unless you decide to jump in the pool. User error will win that battle.

Although I would first recommend this to road cyclists, I’ve used it mountain biking as well as thrown it in my backpack while hiking. If you’re on your phone the entire time you ride, having it inside a wallet may not work for you. You should also probably get off the phone and enjoy your time on the bike if you ask me.

Head on over to Bellroy today and grab yourself a Elements Phone Pocket. Your $800 smartphone deserves fine leather goods. Treat yo’ self.


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TESTED: Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket
January 9, 2015
The entire Elements collection is designed to provide you will a better solution for carrying everything in your pockets into the great outdoors. Travel light, travel smart, travel with peace of mind. You deserve it.
9 Overall Score
Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket

The entire Elements collection is designed to provide you will a better solution for carrying everything in your pockets into the great outdoors. Travel light, travel smart, travel with peace of mind. You deserve it.

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  • Alejandro A

    So the elements travel doesn’t fit the iPhone 6?

    • Alejandro, the iPhone 6 will fit into the Bellroy Elements Travel wallet, just barely. I wouldn’t recommend it though as you can barely close the zipper around it. The Phone Pocket is a much better suited product for the iPhone 6.

  • Jeffrey

    great review – thx – Will the cash pocket fit double folded bills or just triple folded bills? Or more specifically, is the cash pocket 76mm or wider? (I’m trying to decide on the elements phone pocket or (non-elements) travel wallet – for my iPhone 6 & double folded Japanese yen.)

    • Yup I can get double folded bills in the side you see the white business cards not the credit cards.

      • Jeffrey

        cool. thanks – how about a folded bill that’s 1cm wider than US dollars? Think that would fit too?

        • I think you’ll be cutting it close then and I would lead to no it won’t. Just triple fold and you’re good to go!

  • Norton Chia

    Thanks for the review. Any chance a regular passport might squeeze in with the iPhone 6?

    • Unfortunately, no. It’s not wide enough for a passport.

      • Norton Chia

        Thanks for the response. The Australian passport is one of the smaller ones, but might be just a tad too wide. Pity.

  • Tan

    Hi, bumped to your blog after searching for reviews about this particular product.

    From the sound of it, looks like it’ll not have a problem fitting in an iPhone 6s?

    Also, how well does it fit in jeans front pocket?