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The Perfect Case For Every Man

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been spending time with more than 30 iPhone 6 cases. Like many of you, over the years we’ve wrapped our iPhone’s in an assortment of cases. Everything from complete protection, to slip-on backplates. All of us here at AGW have collectively decided there is no one perfect case. So, what we did is choose cases from companies we either had previous experience with or picked out cases that looked promising to test. After months of traveling, hiking, cycling, endless coffee meetings, and a few too many dropped phones, we picked out the best cases to suit every type of man out there.

The Adventurer

If you’re the type of guy that prefers to wander the woods, unsure of what adventure may come next, the LifeProof Fre ($79.99) case is for you. Their latest model for the iPhone 6 is slimmer than previous models. These cases are shock proof, waterproof, dust proof and snow proof, hence the name. Every part of your phone is protected, with easy access to your headphone and charging ports. The screen does a great job of staying scratch free, and somehow they managed to still allow the touch ID fingerprint sensor to work through the case. The camera protection uses an anti-reflective, optical-glass so there is no distortion often common shooting through other cases. The IP-68 rating means you can take your phone into the pool to snap fun photos or even snorkeling during your next tropical vacation. It will take drops up to 6.6-feet thanks to a Military Standard 810G-516.6 rating. This is the case you snap your phone into and never think about it again.

Buy on Amazon here or head on over to LifeProof for more.








The Businessman

Most guys don’t want to carry anything unnecessary in their pockets. The more we can eliminate, the better. The Sena Lugano Wallet ($54.95) carries your iPhone 6 and 3 cards of your choice. This lightweight, snap-on case uses tumbled leather, has a handsome gunmetal trim and a Herringbone microsuede lining. The rounded edges of the iPhone 6 feel great swiping across the screen, and this case doesn’t rob you of that. It gives you full access to every part of the phone, while eliminating the need to carry a wallet around town. Available in black, cognac and denim, one is certain to match your suit.

Buy on Amazon here or head on over to Sena for more.







The Runner

Health Kit, Map My Run, Strava and other fitness based apps are the reason many of us run with our smartphones. GPS enabled watches are great, but carrying your phone gives you access to so much more. After trying out several armband and waistband type of cases, we settled on the Amphipod HandPod SmartView Plus ($35.00). We’ve used Amphipod products in the past, so none of us were shocked it ended up being the best for our morning runs. It weighs next to nothing, has a View-Thru front panel for full access and touch control, integrated headphone port, uses a multi-position thumb-lock for a tight grip and doesn’t cause any excess sweat in your palm. Plenty of room to slip your ID and house key in the case as well.

Buy on Amazon here or head over to Amphipod for more.






The Apple Fan Boy

For those of you that want to keep things all Apple, all the time, we suggest you grab the Apple iPhone 6 Silicone Case ($35.00). We tired both the silicone and the leather versions, all of us favoring the silicone after a few days. It feels really nice in your hand, fits like a glove and is available in an assortment of colors. The case protects all your buttons and leaves the ports open. The microfiber lining is like a blanket for your phone keeping scratches away. Although we love the look of aged leather, the Apple leather case didn’t provide a comfortable feeling in the hand, almost as if the leather was synthetic. It’s not if you’re wondering.

You can purchase this case at Apple today or at your local Apple store.




The Minimalist

There are hundreds of slim iPhone cases on the market. So, taking the crown for this type of man was tough as we looked at and tried dozens of cases before we gave the nod to the Incipi0 Edge ($29.99). If you notice some marks on the back of this case, its because we’ve been using it a lot. Big phones and big cases are just too much to carry around all the time for the majority. The Incipio Edge is super slim, uses a two-piece slider design, a Plextonium polycarbonate frame that covers the entire phone, while allowing access to the charging port and all controls. It’s just thick enough to protect that awful raised lens that Apple designed into the camera. We are still shaking our heads over that one. Aside from being slim, the other reason we all loved this case is the phone doesn’t rattle around inside it. A number of others felt loose after a few days of use. Not the Edge. With this case on your phone you’ll hardly notice its there.

Grab one on Amazon here or head over to Incipio for more.






The Traveler

When it came time to find a case that would work best for guys on the go, we took aim at the same company that’s been protecting our camera gear for years, Pelican. The Pelican ProGear Voyager Case ($50.00) can take quite a beating we discovered. It’s constructed out of TPR and PU rubber impact absorbing materials inside a polycarbonate shell. We thought for sure our iPhone would have been damaged considering the drops it took while in the Voyager. Not that we dropped the phone on purpose mind you, it just so happened that most of our drops occurred while testing this case. Aside from a couple of chinks in the cases armor, our phones didn’t even get a scratch. The 4-layer protection starts with a non-slip grip on the back and carries through to the front with a provided screen protector. Also included is a holster that doubles as a stand, perfect for watching movies on the plane.

All your buttons are protected and covered, with easy pull-down access to the charging port and mute button. The raised edge around the top of the case keeps your screen from hitting the ground. If you tend to be rough with your phone or toss is around from bag to bag, this is the case to buy.

Head on over to Amazon here to buy or visit Pelican for more info.










The Cyclist

As you know, all of us over here ride bikes. So, we needed to find a case that would work well for our time in the saddle. After looking at a few, we decided on the Biologic Bike Mount Weathercase ($34.95). We found several handlebar attachment cases, but only a few that also provided the weather protection the Biologic case does. It comes with everything you need to mount it to the stem or handlebars in vertical or horizontal positions. Dual rain proof zippers allow for on-bike recharging, the clear screen is easy to see through and use, it has a nice cushion inside to keep your phone snug and its slim enough to slide into your pocket when you are done with your ride. The design kept the phone from vibrating and we had no problems with it moving around even in the dirt.

Get yours today on Amazon here or head to Biologic for more.





The River Rat

If your hobbies take you into wet territory, the E Case ($25.00) from Cascade Designs is what you need. As you can see, this case can hold much more than your phone. The E Case is a favorite among kayakers, stand-up paddle boards (SUP), and fishermen. The ultra-clear urethane windows allow full use of the screen and camera, each case is tested to meet IPX7 standards to be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, the one-step, waterproof SealLock zipper and RF-welded seams are easy to use and keep everything out. Die-cut lash points on the bottom corners are great for tethering, the windows are UV-resistant and its made of PVC-free materials. We also love that this case is proudly Made in USA.

They come in five different colors, all available on Amazon here or head to Cascade Designs for more.






The Gentleman

Last but definitely not least of the group is the All In One Phone Case & Stand ($139.00) from Hardgraft. Imagine a case that looks as good around your phone as your best suit does on you. That’s what you get with products from Hard Graft. Using premium vegetable tanned Italian leather, each case is hand-stained hide by hide for perfection. Skilled workmen apply natural coloring made from tree bark by hand on to the leather. Within moments of unwrapping the case, you can tell the amount of time and craftsmanship that went into it. The attention to detail is like nothing we’ve seen in this category yet still providing a manly, handsome finish.

Our iPhone 6 fit nice and snug inside the soft grey lining. The case doubles as a stand for movie watching while traveling and there’s a small section behind the flap to stash your ID and some cash. The snap closure is a nice touch and we can’t wait to see what it looks like with some maturity on it. This case is a conversation starter that will certainly impress your comrades at the cigar lounge.

Head on over to Hard Graft and get your order in today.








Thanks for taking the time to review our picks for this years Best iPhone 6 Cases. We had a great number to choose from and hopefully, one of our finalists will be exactly what you are looking for. Please share this article with your friends and family, there is still plenty of time to get them as gifts for the holidays!

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