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TESTED: QALO Wedding Rings

Those of us that are married and also enjoy the great outdoors, have all shared in the same frustration. Our wedding ring is a sign of commitment, trust, togetherness, family and love. The metal band we choose to wear on our fingers is quite often in the way of our active lifestyle. They get scratched at the gym, can easily get lost on the trail, and are one of the most stolen items when traveling. You shouldn’t have to worry about taking off your ring every time you leave the couch. It should be able to withstand the rigors of your daily and active life without worry. Well, we may have found the perfect solution to this problem.

QALO (pronounced, ‘KAY-LO’), started out of the same frustration. They’ve designed a 100% Medical Grade Silicone Wedding Ring that is safe to wear for ANY occasion. They are very comfortable to wear, never get in the way of your life and because the silicone is medical grade, you don’t have to worry about licking your fingers during your next BBQ rib session.


We’ve now had the QALO rings on our hands for about a month. The rings come in an assortment of colors including, black, light grey, dark grey, cobalt blue, emerald green and purple Lupus. The purple Lupus ring specifically helps aid the Alliance For Lupus Research. QALO donates a portion of each purple ring sold to help the fight. You can learn more about their commitment to the cause here.


We’ve been extremely pleased with the rings thus far. However, in order to provide our readers with a thorough review of them, we thought it would be best to get them on the hands of our active friends. We asked them to wear the rings for a week straight while keeping up with their active lifestyles. This is what they had to say.








Everyone has been very happy with their QALO Rings, including our staff. Aside from active use, we cannot recommend enough how important having something like this would be traveling. We like to think that everyone we meet while traveling will be nice and courteous, but that is not always the case. The less, ‘look at me’ you can offer, the safer you will be. A giant diamond or gold band can often spell trouble.

We usually touch on the good and not so good qualities of the products we review. However, aside from a concern about sweat and several people asking for more colors, everyone was in favor of the rings. Nobody noticed any increased sweat build up under the rings compared to their metal band. Just like your watch strap, if you work hard enough, you will build sweat under anything.

This is one of those products we feel most won’t fully appreciate until they get one on their finger. A few friends chuckled a little bit at first glance, until they tried the ring on. Once they realized they no longer needed to worry about damaging or losing their $8,000 band, they were all smiles.

The inside of every ring is marked with the Q, for QALO, so you know its authentic. Who do we think should look to add QALO to their life? Firefighters, nurses, teachers, hikers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, surfers, snowboarders, active moms & dads, race car drivers, explorers, campers, and so on. I think you get our point. The rings are great for anyone, regardless of how much you are on the go. QALO even has an active community of ring bearers that you can be a part of by following them on FaceBook. Wear your true wedding band for nights out on the town and keep a QALO ring nearby for all your active sports.

The rings range in price from $15.99 – $19.99. You can save a few dollars buying a 3-pack from the Men’s & Women’s Foundation Collections. We also heard they have some brand new colors coming down the pipeline very soon to include, women’s black, safety orange, CAMO, forest green and brown. Grab yourself a pair today and keep in mind, they make great wedding gifts for active friends.

Learn more about QALO at


TESTED: QALO Wedding Rings
September 7, 2014
The QALO rings work as advertised, are comfortable to wear, extremely durable, provide safety when traveling and you never have to go ringless. Your marriage bond should never been doubted.
9 Overall Score
QALO Wedding Rings

The QALO rings work as advertised, are comfortable to wear, extremely durable, provide safety when traveling and you never have to go ringless. Your marriage bond should never been doubted.

Quality of Materials
Value & Price
Comfort & Durability
Peace of Mind

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