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Product Review: TAD Spartan RS Pant

Triple Aught Design has a unique way of teasing us with subtle hints, pattern swatches, corner emblems and other ingenious ways of keeping fans on their toes surrounding new product launches known as the infamous #weeklyTADhint. Earlier this month, we were given the opportunity to spend time with a TAD product before launch. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting the new Triple Aught Design Spartan RS Pant through its paces exploring, hiking and even a few nights out on the town. To us, TAD products embody the spirit of adventure and commitment. What better way to showcase those traits than to name your product after the courageous Greek Spartan’s.

Spartan’s or Spartiates, underwent rigorous training, an unchallenged commitment to excellence, and focused military strategies that stood out among the common world around the time of 500BC. Their journey was made famous recently with the release of the movie 300, sharing the story of King Leonidas and his mighty 300 Spartan’s during the Battle of Thermopylae. To use the word ‘Spartan’ on your product, the quality must be unparalleled.

Company: Triple Aught Design (tripleaughtdesign.com)
Gear: Spartan RS Pant (link)
Size: 36×32
Color: Battleship Grey (Also available in ME Brown, ME Green)
Cost: $109 from TAD
Locations Used: Santa Ana Mountains, Mojave Desert, Urban Nightlife
Model Stats: 6′ tall. 187lbs.
Reviewer: Jordan May
Photographer: Adam Bendig


First up, let me take you through a quick walk around the pants. As an avid cyclist and active person, my legs have presented a unique challenge to pant fitment. The Spartan RS Pant feature a straight leg, standard fit that looks slimming while still leaving plenty of room for a man with large quads and calves. Often, I find myself having to purchase a size up in order to get the proper fit. The Spartan pants fit right on the money at 36×32. I could get away with a 36×30 but I tend to like a little extra room in the leg. I’ve found that extra material toward the bottom of the leg can be used as added protection tromping through forests and marshlands. During my time with the pants thus far, I’ve seen temperatures from 50-85 and the pants have always been comfortable to wear. They breathe well and being lightweight, I never feel sweaty.


Scrambling is welcomed in the new pants. I’ve never felt restricted or suffered any loss of movement during several 100m-1mile runs. The Spartan RS pants are Made in USA of 52% Nylon and 48% NYCO Ripstop with DWR Treatment (Durable Water Repellent). As I started writing this review it began to rain with perfect timing. Rain drops do indeed bead up on top of the pants.


Across the front you find a pair of Welt Pockets. Both are seemingly perfect for an iPhone 5 (the phone does fit entirely inside the pocket, just). This is the first pair of pants I have worn with pockets in this location and at first I was thrown a bit off. They seemed a little out of place until I started using them. As days passed, I found myself using these pockets for small items/phone allowing more room for my hands to get in and out of the side pockets. This also shed any worry of my knife scratching my iPhone. While crouching, the front welt pockets offer easy access as well. No struggling to get at your side while down low. Both hand pockets at either side are large enough for my hands and both contain small coin pockets (1) as well. I’ve always used these pockets for small items like a house key or lip balm.


If your side pockets are full, the front welt pockets can be used to secure your hands. Although, you are probably going to need smaller hands than mine. Kneeling down you can spot the Darted Knees (6) that are on both sides of each knee for added mobility. These small details are what makes TAD stand out. This simple addition keeps the pants from bulking during movement. It also keeps the waistline from dropping. Go ahead and kneel down in your pants and you’ll see what I mean.


Triple and double needle-top stitching is found surrounding the pants (4). If you bust a seam on these pants, most likely you’re doing something wrong. The gusseted crotch (5) allows freedom of movement without failure.

“As TAD men, we are Men of Action. These pants let us move.”


As not all men are right handed, it made me happy seeing added material and stitching to the knife area (3) on both sides. The belt hoops are nice and large and the rear Back Yoke (2) adds stability when moving.


The Canadian Tape Button Fly configuration ties the entire button system together for added strength. Most pant buttons are tied down individually and I can’t tell you how many have been lost to the great wars of too much pizza or aggressive unbuttoning (if you catch my drift). This configuration offers the strength of every button to each, as a Team. Hidden inside are the final 2 of 8 total pockets found on the TAD Spartan RS Pant. These inside rear patch pockets are opposite the rear welt pockets. Perfect for storing essential travel items away from prying eyes.


Strip all the function from these pants and they still look great. There is absolutely no reason you can’t toss on a button up shirt and a fancy pair of shoes and head out for drinks. The ME Green and ME Brown colors may be a little tougher to pair up for a night out, but the Battleship Grey looks great with just about anything.

“Proven mobility meets stylish form and function.”

Final Thoughts

It’s not often I discover a pair of pants that are as versatile as the Spartan RS Pant. At just over $100 ($109), the value to price ratio is spot on. I’m one of those odd people that truly believe you get what you pay for but at the same time you’ll never find me spending $400 on a pair of jeans. Some things just don’t make sense to me. The Spartan’s make sense. I can wear them on the trail, while camping, Overlanding with friends or even to the pub for a pint. You typically sacrifice style for function or vice versa when shopping for outdoor gear. It’s nice to know that you can still find what I classify as, ‘total package’ goods. King Leonidas would approve.

Available NOW!

As you are reading this the pants are launching today at Triple Aught Design. We were honored to publish our thoughts on the new pants in conjunction with the product launch. Please be sure to spread the good word and let your friends know they are available!


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Product Review: TAD Spartan RS Pant
March 28, 2014
Proven mobility meets stylish form and function.
8 Overall Score
TAD Spartan RS Pant

Proven mobility meets stylish form and function.

Quality of Materials
Fit and Finish
Value & Price

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