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27th Annual Burger Run

Words and Photos by Curtis Guise of

In 1988, Joe Free had just finished rebuilding his 1965 Mustang.  To celebrate, Joe and a few friends decided to make a run down to the local Peppertree Frosty in Vista for some burgers in their classic cars.  They had such a great time, they decided to create an event out of it the following year.  Advertising a free T-shirt and dash plaque for the first 100 cars, the first Vista “Burger Run” car show was a huge success.  The second year had over 90 entries!  Since then, Joe and his Country Gents Car Club have continued the tradition, putting on 27 annual shows which have come to be known as the “Biggest Little Car Show in San Diego County.”

This year’s 27th annual event was held on January 11th with close to 700 entries.  Even in its growth, surprisingly, Joe has managed to keep the entry fee to only $10 year after year, and the only reason there is an entry fee at all is to help cover the cost of T-shirts, dash plaques and trophies.

I found out about this car show from a post left on Facebook by Fred’s Truck Parts in Escondido. I expected to find a small gathering of maybe a couple handfuls of classic vehicles in the Peppertree parking lot, but instead, I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I got there, I was blown away when I saw a couple thousand people congregated around a huge variety of classic cars and trucks.  The show took over several streets surrounding the Peppertree parking lot as well as a couple local business parking lots.  If you are in SoCal, this is a must see event! To stay alert to the next event, be sure to bookmark their website at

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Thanks again to Curtis for sharing the event with us! Be sure to checkout his website for great vintage off-road classics!

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